Sunday of the Prodigal Son


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

From today’s Sunday and especially Gospel lesson for it, we can learn many valuable lessons. The message of the Gospel (Lk. 15:11-32) is simple: We want to run our lives by our own, neglecting the Creator and Giver of our lives. We want to say we know what we are doing; we don’t need any help, guidance and even protection. Just like Prodigal Son in the Gospel story. Up until we ourselves realize in a hard way, it is not true. We need Him – our God and Creator. And we need Him badly! Fortunately for us, God the Father doesn’t abandon us, as we abandon Him. He waits patiently and receives us back to Him gladly. What a joy to know that! What a joy to do that- coming back to the Father. Joy for our Father in Heaven and bliss for each and every one of us!

May the mercy of God the Father be with all of us!

Fr. Janko