Spiritual Committee

If you or your family have spiritual concerns, please contact a member of the committee; Fr. Janko Herbut (780) 475 – 2770, Elizabeth Podloski (780) 476 – 2778, Rose Tkach (780) 475 – 8652, or Adeline Zuk (780) 478 – 7904

The committee will make visits (Hospital or Home), telephone calls or send cards (or appropriate) to ill, bereaved and shut-in parishioners.

Bible study classes are held weekly at the church.

Divine Liturgy Services (Community out-reach) are held at Dickinsfield Extended Care centre twice monthly (on the first & third Thursdays at 10:30 am) for residents Holy Cross parishioners volunteer with assisting the residents and singing at the service.

An annual Candlelight Memorial Service is held for families who have lost loved ones in the previous year.