Our Parish – History

A brief history of Our Church

In April 1977, permission was granted to establish the 9th Ukrainian Catholic Church in Edmonton, Alberta to serve St. Albert and the surrounding area. Liturgies were celebrated in St. Joseph’s Seminary until November 1977 when a temporary Church, located at 125 street and 135 avenue, was purchased. Our Church continued to growunder dynamic leadership and much hard work by the parishioners.

In 1984 a parcel of land at 153 avenue and 90 street, in Edmonton, was acquired. After the sale of the Church in the fall of 1986, liturgies were held in Dickinsfield Junior High School for the next 15 months. Following the blessing of the site and sod turning for the multi-use cultural centre, construction began in the fall of 1987. On March 6, 1988, the first liturgy was celebrated at the new site. It was a time for rejoicing and being thankful to God for His blessing.

One of the most notable accomplishment of our parish was the ordination of three young priests: Rev. Don Bodnar, Rev. Joseph Royer, and Rev. Rendy Yackimec. Our Church is very active with varied clubs and activities for both young and old.

On June 26, 2005, information was presented to parishioners about the cost of the new Church home and all other particulars. By majority vote, parishioners voted to proceed with the building of the new Church building. Click here to see a gallery of Church Construction Photos.

Construction was completed in the fall of 2007 and on September 15th, 2007 we celebrated the grand opening of our new Church. In addition to a new Church a link building was added to house meeting rooms and connect the Parish Hall to the new Church. With an expanded facility we are egarly welcoming new members to our spiritual family.

A special thank-you and God’s blessings to all of the people who so generously donated towards our building fund. We are currently accepting donations to help us pay down our mortgage – contact the Church to find out how you can help!