Altar Boys

The Altar Boys’ program encourages boys aged 7 – 17 who have completed their First Holy Confession and Solemn Communion to participate in the spiritual life of our Parish by serving the Holy Table during the Divine Liturgy and assisting at various other
celebrations and sacraments.

To prepare the boys and to refresh those already serving, training sessions and/or courses are held to familiarize those assisting the Priest with the various duties and functions of the “Server”.

The Altar Boys attend monthly meetings, as well as participate in social activities both within and outside of our Parish.

Children of Mary

The Children of Mary is a program that encourages young girls ages 7 – 12+ to participate directly in the spiritual life of our Parish and provides religious and educational guidance with the Patronage of the Holy Mother of God.

The Children of Mary participate weekly in the Divine Liturgy. They also participate in special celebrations during the year. The girls attend meetings monthly at the Parish. Through the various activities the Children of Mary participate in, the girls make friends and this aspect of friendship is further promoted by participation in social and recreational activities that bring everyone together.

Sunday School

Sunday School is open to all children of our parish aged 4 – 7. Classes begin in September and run until the end of June.

The children participate in a Catechism program, “We Are Children of Light”, which is designed to prepare them for their First Holy Communion classes all the while providing a fun environment while learning about our faith.

The program also consists of opening and closing prayers, Christian stories, songs, games, videos and crafts relating to the subject of each lesson. The children also participate in special celebrations and important holidays held throughout the year.

Youth / Young Adult

The Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Youth of Canada (UCYC) is associated with the Edmonton Eparchy UCYC and the National UCYC and is our local Parish organization for young people.

The mission of the youth organization is to further the personal spiritual growth and fostering of Christian values and morals. This is through participation in various retreats, specially designed sessions with the parish priest, provide fun and exciting fellowship opportunities, promote and assist with special religious events and celebrations that promote Ukrainian culture.