Thomas Sunday


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Today we honour one of the 12 Apostles of our Lord – St. Thomas. Many times we might be in temptation to ask; “How could he doubt in Christ’s resurrection? He who lived so closely with Jesus; He who heard Jesus saying many times that he will die and will rise?”
While we are asking these questions, we should right away think about us. We might judge St. Thomas, but how about us? How many times we doubt in Christ’s mercy, his compassion, his love towards us? How many times we are not at all better than St. Thomas who said: “I won’t believe unless I see.” ( Jn. 20:25). St. Thomas saw at the end, so let us also see and know that Jesus is truly our Lord. Let us praise and glorify him forever!

Many God’s blessings upon all!

Fr. Janko!