3rd Sunday after Pentecost

Slava Isusu Hristu! Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

So many instructions Jesus is giving us in today’s Gospel lesson! Besides telling us to live always in the “Light”; not to serve two masters (God and money), Jesus is encouraging us not to worry about material things that today we have and tomorrow they are gone. All of these it’s so easy to say, but so hard to apply into life.

Living in very secular society which promotes mostly that we should run after riches, that we should provide lots of things for us and even our children, it is hard to understand Jesus’ words: “Don’t worry about everyday life – whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Don’t worry, God cares for you!” (Mt. 6:22-34).

Indeed He does care for us! He gave us life and of course then He will provide what we need for it. The problem is that many times we want more what we really need and that brings worries to our lives. So now is the time to stop that and completely trust in God’s providence and His care for us.

God’s blessings!

Fr. Janko!