5th Sunday After Pentecost

Slava Isusu Hristu! Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

When hearing today’s Gospel story (Mt. 8:28-9:1) we may think: “What scares us in it? Is it the presence or mentioning of the demons? Is it the men possessed by demons? Is it the place where they lived?” In my opinion nothing of that. When we know why Jesus went there – to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven to the lost people of Israel, to offer also to them the salvation; then their rejection of Jesus should scare us the most. Yes, even after seeing the miracle, after recognizing Jesus’ willingness, compassion and divine power, people of Gadarenes still refused to accept the Lord as Saviour. The question “Why” is not needed here. They got used to living with evil among themselves so much so that the presence of goodness bothered them. Now, did something change in our world today? Everyone of us can give their individual answer to that!

God’s blessing!

Fr. Janko!